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Embrace serene sophistication with the Teal Tranquility Outfit. The long dress showcases a tranquil stripe pattern in teal green and blue, exquisitely tie-dyed by hand. A matching teal green rolled-up collar at the neckline harmonizes beautifully with the straight long pants in solid blue. This outfit is designed for those who seek a blend of fashion-forward design and everyday comfort, perfect for various occasions from brunches to business casual meetings.


Key Features:

  • Hand Tie-Dyed Stripes: Each long dress features unique striped patterns, adding a personal touch of artisan craftsmanship.

  • Coordinated Design: Rolled-up collars on the dresses match the pants, creating a cohesive and polished look.

  • Comfortable Fit: Straight long pants with back elastic waistbands ensure comfort without compromising style.

  • Versatile Wear: Ideal for a range of settings, from relaxed gatherings to more formal affairs.

Teal Tranquility Ensemble

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